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Your Business Deserves the Best

Your business needs a simple website, not a complex web application.  Other firms seem to have moved on to something more complex and they charge an incredulous fee just to get a basic site online.  Geovex Digital has what you actually need... we'll build and host your business website, and we'll power it with uncompromising enterprise-grade technologies.

Expert Design

  We have the skills and tools needed to design your online presence.

Web Hosting 

All inclusive fair-use hosting included.  No more bandwidth monitoring.

* Some TLDs are much more expensive than the standard .com, .net, and so on.  We have to pass the difference on to you if you pick something too high-end.

Featured Websites

What are you paying for now?

With simple web builders, you are promised low monthly prices but your business keeps you too busy to sit down and create a site yourself.  Then, fancy firms come by and offer you all the bells and whistles but they cost thousands of dollars and are too complex to manage... and the designers flee immediately after receiving their payment.

What you'll get from Geovex Digital.

At Geovex Digital we specialize in simple and hard-working sites that are affordable and can be created quickly and without hassle.  We help you utilize exiting third-party services for your email, blog, store, mobile ordering, customer portals, and so on.  Our job at Geovex Digital is to get your professional website up and running fast, powered by enterprise-grade technologies.  We integrate your third party tools as add-ons to the extent desired by you and made possible by the service provider.

Want a link to your customer portal?  You got it.

Want to embed an e-commerce store or link to a store on a subdomain?  Sure thing!

Whatever you want, you can have.  Our job is to make that happen for you—fast—by leaning into the leading services and technologies, and leveraging our experience to integrate everything and power your website.

RCR Business Ventures

We built the site for our parent company and incubator.  They have our Business Elite package with multiple add-ons.

CAG Logistics

CAG Logistics Management Services is powered by Geovex Digital.  CAG utilizes our Business Premium package with selected add-ons.

Parc 8

Parc 8 is a shared workspace environment in Tampa with offices, desk rentals, and amenities.  They use Business Standard with add-ons.

Domain Names

Choose from standard domain service or bring your own domain. 

 Our standard domain services include registering your domain name or helping you to transfer your existing domains to us.  You can also bring your own domain by pointing the appropriate DNS records to our nameservers.  Both of these options are already included in any website package.

Standard Domains Are Already Included

.com, .net, .org, .biz, and many more.  Contact us for details.

Powerful Add-Ons

Geovex Digital has experience integration both third party blogging platforms and internal blogging systems into websites.  From Medium to WordPress to Ghost, we'll help you identify and implement the best on-site or off-site option for your business blog or press room.

If you're running a local restaurant or boutique, you may want customers to order your products or services for pickup or delivery.  We work with leading ordering integrations to enable these features for you and your business.

For businesses looking to sell online, Geovex Digital will also custom tailor an on-site or third party solution for quickly, efficiently, and affordably running an e-commerce store.

We can assist you with configuring your email through Microsoft Office 365 or offer add-on services through our trusted partners to provide you with enterprise-grade Linux email, Microsoft Exchange hosted email, or Google GSuite email.  Hybrid email services featuring both Exchange inboxes and lower cost Linux inboxes are also available through our third party providers.

Geovex Pricing

Our website packages include business class website creation, website hosting, and an included standard domain (.com, .net, .org) powered by enterprise-grade technologies. Each website that we hand-craft is aesthetically pleasing, reflects your brand, and is fully responsive for optimal viewing on any type of device, from mobile to desktop.

Business Standard

  • Customized Website Template
  • Up to 5 Total Sections or Pages
  • Secure Web Hosting
  • One Add-On Integration*

+ $299 One Time Design Cost

Business Elite

  • Everything in Business Premium
  • Fully Custom Design (Option Add-on)
  • Dynamic Page Content (CMS)
  • ½ Hour Monthly Maintenance

+ $299+ One Time Design Cost

* Add-on tools—such as mobile ordering, blogs, e-commerce, email, or customer portals—are not owned by Geovex Digital and require free or subscription-based accounts, often directly with the add-on provider.  We integrate these add-ons into your site to the extent made possible by the add-on provider.  Geovex Native Blogging is offered as an add-on through our technology partners at no additional cost, but does count as an add-on integration.

Need something heavily engineered or a custom built add-on?  

Contact us about our no-code and low-code application development (or for full development referrals).

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